Pro Convert for NDI® to HDMI

Converts a live NDI® stream into HD HDMI signal

The device is supplied with different options of power adapters.

  • Connects baseband presentation or distribution equipment into IP-based media networks
  • Decodes Full NDI and NDI|HX including earlier variants into HD HDMI
  • Up-converts the decoded HD signals to 4K for viewing on Ultra HD displays


Specifications and Features

Output Features

  • Support for up to 4096×2160 60fps HDMI output (integrated up-conversion from HD sources)
  • Support for 96KHz, 16-bit 8-channel audio streams

Decoding Features

  • Support for decoding up to 2K 60fps NDI streams
  • Support for decoding full NDI® and NDI®|HX
  • Support for NDI 4.x
  • Discover NDI devices across network segments
  • Compatible with H.264/H.265 streams in additional protocols including RTSP, HTTP, HLS, RTMP Pull/Push and MPEG-TS over UDP/SRT/RTP

Features & Advantages

  • Very low latency
  • Advanced configuration and device status through intuitive Web GUI, keyboard/mouse, or on-board controls
  • HTTP-based APIs for custom integration
  • Image flip for inverted projector installations and safe area controls
  • Automatic output optimization for target display with integrated up/down conversion



Power Adapter (US/EU/UK/AU/JP)x1

Power Adapter (KR) x1

USB Type A to Type B cable x1

L bracket x1

Two types of power adapters are provided as options to meet your need. Please choose the right part number when placing the order to our dealers. We recommend you always use the included accessories to avoid unnecessary damage to your device. Please note, the appearance of the power adapter may vary due to suppliers or batches. The images here are for reference only.

Pro Convert Decoder Family (NDI® included)

Pro Convert

for NDI® to HDMI

Pro Convert

for NDI® to HDMI 4K

Pro Convert

for NDI® to AIO

Pro Convert

H.26x to HDMI

Pro Convert

H.26x to HDMI 4K

Pro Convert

H.26x to HDMI

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H.26x to SDI