Modator 2U

The Modator family brings the reliability and low-latency performance of the Magewell’s standalone encoders and decoders to a high-density, modular, rackmount form factor. The Modator 2U chassis fits standard rack deployments and supports up to 10 Modator modules.

Designed for 24/7 Operation

Featuring dual power supplies and optimized heat dissipation for 24/7 operation, Modator 2U is well-suited to use cases with high reliability requirements.

Independent Encoding & Decoding

Each installed module can work independently to convert high-quality video and audio signals to and from IP streams.

LED Touch Screen

Through the LED touch screen, users can turn the chassis on or off; view the status of the chassis and each installed module; and configure network settings.

Mix-and-match your choice of Modator modules

Pro Convert for NDI® to AIO Module

Pro Convert for NDI® to HDMI Module

Pro Convert HDMI 4K Plus Module

Pro Convert HDMI Plus Module

Product Info

Modator 2U

Delivers the robust capabilities of Magewell’s IP encoders and decoders in a scalable, high-density form factor
  • Each installed encoding or decoding module independently provides high-quality conversion
  • Dual power supplies and optimized heat dissipation for 24/7 operation
  • LED touch screen provides status monitoring of the chassis and modules

Specifications and Features

  • 10* Modator slots supporting hot swap of Magewell modules
  • 1* RJ45 1000Mbps Ethernet port for configuration
  • 1* USB Type-C port for configuration
Power and Power Consumption
  • Hot-swappable dual power supply modules for safety and redundancy
  • AC: 100–240V, 7–3.5A, 60/50Hz
  • Maximum power consumption of the chassis: 200W
  • Maximum power consumption of each slot: 20W
  • Standby power consumption: 11W (Touchscreen off), 11.9W (Touchscreen on)
  • No-load power consumption: 17W (Touchscreen off), 17.9W (Touchscreen on)
Status Indication Status indicator:
  • Blue: Working
  • Off: Standby
Warning light:
  • Red: Error
  • Off: Normal
Power indicator:
  • Green: Output on and OK
  • Flashing Green: Standby or Cold Redundancy
  • Red: Error or fault
  • Beeping: Error
  • Off: Normal
Touchscreen Dimension: 91mm x 81mm
Supported Modules
  • Pro Convert for NDI to HDMI module
  • Pro Convert for NDI to AIO module
  • Pro Convert HDMI 4K Plus module
  • Pro Convert HDMI Plus module
Physical Specifications
  • Form factor: 482mm (L) x 275mm (W) x 88 mm (H)
  • Weight: ≈ 5.6kg (with 10 blank panels)
Working Environment
  • Operating temperature: –10 to 45 deg C
  • Storage temperature: –20 to 70 deg C
  • Relative humidity: 5% to 90% non-condensing



USB Type A to Type C Cable x1
Part number: ACC00068
Power Cord x2
Part number: ELE00039 / ELE00040 / ELE00041 / ELE00042 / ELE00043
Installation Screws x4
Part number: MEC00048