Eco Capture Family

Eco Capture AIO M.2
Eco Capture Dual HDMI M.2
Eco Capture Dual SDI M.2
Eco Capture Quad SDI M.2
Eco Capture 4K HDMI M.2
Eco Capture SDI 4K Plus M.2
Eco Capture HDMI 4K Plus M.2
Eco Capture QL-SDI 4K Plus M.2

Small Size, Low Power Consumption and Low Latency

Eco Capture M.2 cards offer systems integrators and OEM developers high-performance video capture solutions with low power consumption in a very compact form factor. The cards measure only 22x80mm (0.87×3.15in), making them perfect for use in small or portable systems where full-sized PCIe slots are not available.

Superb OS and API Compatibility

M.2 Eco Capture models are available with drivers for Windows and Linux operating systems, and support x86, x64 & ARM architectures. The devices support OS-native capture APIs, while our SDK provides custom Magewell APIs that enable developers to achieve lower-latency capture and synchronize channels across multi-channel or even multiple capture cards.

Flexible Input Interfaces

Eco Capture cards can capture up to four HD signals or one 4Kp60 signal, supporting HDMI, 3G-SDI, quad-link 3G-SDI and single-link 12G-SDI input. All models support up to eight channels of embedded audio per input.

Lower CPU Usage

FPGA-based video processing provides high-quality up/down/cross-scaling, picture controls and color space conversion without tasking the host system CPU.