Comprehensive Media Capture

Magewell’s award-winning video capture solutions have become the preferred choice of end-users, integrators, and OEM partners by delivering an unparalleled combination of performance, reliability, and value. Available with flexible interface choices to suit any application, they support popular operating systems and offer extensive compatibility with third-party production, web conferencing, recording, streaming and presentation software.


High Performance, Ultra Low Latency

Available in single and multi-channel models with a wide selection of input interfaces, our high-performance Pro Capture PCI Express cards enable 4K or HD capture at high frame rates up to 144fps with latency as low as 64 video lines. The cards’ FPGA-based video processing engine provides high-quality up/down-conversion (resolution and frame rate), color adjustment and color space conversion with zero impact on the host system CPU.


Plug-and-Play Simplicity

Our USB Capture and USB Capture Plus external devices enable all types of computers including laptops to capture HD or 4K signals through a standard USB 3.0 interface. Featuring automatic input format detection and driver-free installation for true plug-and-play operation, they are the easiest way to bring video and audio sources into third-party software applications.


Ultra-Compact, Lower Power Consumption

Ideal for use in small or portable systems where full-sized PCIe slots are not available, our Eco Capture M.2 cards capture 4K or multi-channel HD video with low latency and low power consumption. The tiny cards measure just 22x80mm (0.87×3.15in) but offer powerful features including FPGA-based scaling, picture controls and color space conversion.

Software Tools and Developer Resources

Our capture products are instantly compatible with a wide array of third-party software, but we also offer streamlined applications to simplify basic tasks and augment your experience with partner products. For developers, we offer a comprehensive SDK that supports OS-native generic interfaces as well as custom APIs to achieve lower-latency capture, synchronize channels across multi-channel or even multiple capture cards, and improve encoding efficiency.