Meet+ 50

meet+ 50

Meet+ 50 is the latest video conference camera from Telycam for desktop video conferencing and live streaming.


Sono, the First Generation Telycam Speakerphone

Meet+ 100

meet+ 100

Meet+ 100 is a high-quality 4K auto focus webcam. Only one USB (Type-C) cable is used to enable power, control and video.

Meet+ 10-U3

meet+ 10-u3

Meet+ 10-U3 is a USB PTZ camera for middle and small meeting room that come with 10x optical zoom lens, 1080p30 high-definition image.2 Models USB 3.0 & USB 2.0

Meet+ 12/20-U3

meet+ 12/20-u3

Meet+ 12/20-U3 is a USB PTZ camera for large or middle meeting room, 12x optical zoom, 1080p30 resolution, USB 3.0 or USB2.0 plug & play.

Meet+ 12/20

meet+ 12/20

Meet+ 12/20 featured a high-quality 12x/20x optical zoom lens, a Panasonic 1/2.8 inch sensor and truly lug and play with no need for installing any driver.

Meet+ 10

meet+ 10

Meet+ 10 is ideally used for video conferencing in the middle and small meeting rooms.

Meet Bar

meet bar

Meet Bar integrates a premium camera, microphone, and speakers into an All-in-One unit for a face-to-face video conferencing experience.

Meet+ 200

meet+ 200

Meet+ 200 is a high level 4K Ultra HD USB2.0 webcam, no PSU requested, power/control/video from a single USB2.0 cable.