Multiview Pro

Managing, Monitoring and Real-time Switching

What is Kiloview Multiview Pro?

Multiview Pro is the upgraded professional version of Kiloview Multiview Player delivering centralized management of multiple NDI© streams with monitoring and real-time switching.

It allows adding unlimited NDI sources for monitoring through on-premise NDI servers or Discovery Server. Multiview Pro supports decoding multiple channels of NDI High Bandwidth, NDI|HX2 & NDI|HX3* video streams from any vendor in resolutions up to 4K 60p to your display (Max 20 channels per window), PC HDMI port or via NDI.

Multiview Pro is now available on macOS.

*: NDI|HX3 feature is under development and we will confirm when it has been certified by NDI.

Server Based, Full Control From Anywhere

Based on Web Technology, our brand new Multiview Pro is the only Multiviewer that can receive and output video sources virtually to achieve the functions of both server-based and cloud-based video monitoring and switching.

It allows any user on the same network access by scanning a QR code or via a browser URL, including mobile devices. It’s the perfect match for our new Panel Deck or any advanced application to make the impossible possible.

Brand New UI Design

Our priority is always providing the best and easiest user experience. With our newly designed UI, enjoy Multiview Pro’s flexible switching and production with fully customizable projects, programs, cameras, layouts, and more.

Fully Managed Permissions

Multiview Pro makes it easy to manage permissions and access. You’re in control with advanced permission control by user, group, or project.

Updated Tally Control with More Flexibility

Easily set each screen in Preview (PVW) mode/ Program (PGM) mode to control the NDI streams’ tally status. Real-time switching between ‘Preview’ and ‘Program’ mode with tally signal helps to maximize the flexibility of the video production

Flexibly Control Your Audio Like A Pro

Multiview Pro supports switching among three modes for audio output: Audio follow video, Audio assigned or Mute.

No Limit for Adding NDI® Sources

Add up to 20 NDI streams per screen, and unlimited screens per Multiview Pro player in NDI, NDI|HX2, NDI|HX3*, limited only by server performance. The system automatically adjusts the NDI input to either the main or sub stream.

*: NDI|HX3 feature is under development and we will confirm when it has been certified by NDI.

Never Miss An NDI Source

Kiloview Multiview Pro can automatically discover NDI sources on your network with the integration of NDI Discovery server. Or add devices by IP address ensuring you don’t miss any NDI® sources.

Custom Layouts with Drag and Drop

Monitor multiple NDI High Bandwidth, NDI|HX2 & NDI|HX3* sources using Multiview Pro as a multi-window screen, with PIP (Picture in Picture), PBP (Picture by Picture) or 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/16/20 grids. Fully customizable layout by simple drag and drop with video thumbnail, name and resolution – width, height, horizontal and vertical alignment are all adjustable. 

Monitor in Both NDI And HDMI

Kiloview Multiview Pro can mix the multi-window video flows into NDI streams as NDI sources to your local network with custom resolutions and frame rates. The selected Multiview Pro can also be displayed on any monitor through the HDMI port.

Remotely Switch Displays

Multiview Pro allows you to switch videos among multiple screens remotely. You can send different videos from the main screen, or display them to another screen with one click, manually or automatically. Plus, every video can be output by NDI for transmission.

Advanced Auxiliary Information Display

For professional video production, Multiview Pro features VU metering, safe areas, center cross, and custom names with control of screen border and name visibility.


TV Studio
Reality Show
TV Program Production Review
PTZ Conference



FeaturesKiloview Multiview Pro
NDI compatibilityNDI High Bandwidth/NDI | HX2/3* (both HD/4K supported)
(*: NDI|HX3 feature is under development and we will confirm when it has been certified by NDI.)
Project ProductionSupported
Multi-screen SplitSupported
Multi-screen DisplaySupported
Main/Sub streams self-adaptionSupported
Tally SignalSupported
VU MetersSupported
Safe area, Center crossSupported
NDI Discovery ServerSupported
Manual Adding NDI SourceSupported
ManagementWeb/KiloLink Server
Operating OSWindows/Linux/macOS
Support DownloadDocs & Firmware
System requirementsRecommended
Storage1TB SSD
CPUi7-11700 or 8 cores 16 threads CPU
Memory32GB DDR4 RAM
Network AdapterIntel X520-DA2 or 10G dual SFP+ NIC
GPURTX3060 or P5000

Quick Comparison of our NDI Products

Product TypeProduct No.NDI Codec CapabilityVideo I/O ConnectivityResolutionNotes
N6NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HXHDMI1080P60 
N5NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HX3G-SDI1080P60 
N50NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HX12G-SDI4KP60 
N60NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HXHDMI4KP60 
N3NDI High Bandwidth3G-SDI1080P60 
N30NDI High Bandwidth12G-SDI4KP60 
N40NDI High BandwidthHDMI4KP60 
NDI Wireless EncoderN1NDI|HXSDI1080P60WiFi supported, Battery Builld-in
N2NDI|HXHDMI1080P60WiFi supported, Battery Builld-in
NDI EncoderE3NDI|HXSDI+HDMI4KP30 in HDMI, 1080P60 in SDI 
U40NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HXHDMI4KP60 
NDI DecoderD350NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HXSDI+HDMI4KP60