4K HDMI/NDI Bi-Directional Converter

Kiloview N40 4KP60 Video Encoder/Decoder

Fantastic 4K NDI Converter

Kiloview N40 4K HDMI/NDI converter is a bi-directional converter that supports 4K HDMI video input (encoder) to NDI High Bandwidth with 4K HDMI loop-through for view on monitor, or 4K HDMI video output (decoder) from NDI High Bandwidth.

Featured with powerful functions such as PoE, built-in big tally light, PTZ control, 3.5mm audio mic in/out, multi-channel audio, intercom functions, the N40 is your best choice to get access to the fabulous NDI world!

Faster · Better · Easier

Why NDI?

The NDI protocol is a high-performance standard that enables anyone to use real-time, ultra-low-latency video on existing IP video networks.

NDI Webcam Input

Easily designate Kiloview NDI encoders as the video input source in popular desktop video applications like Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Skype, Skype for Business, WebEx, Zoom, Teams and more using the free NDI® webcam input tool.

Real 4K, Really Professional

With HDMI2.0 interface, It supports real 4Kp60 video input and convert it to NDI High Bandwidth and loop through for monitoring, at the same time it supports NDI High Bandwidth to 4K HDMI output. It’s a real 4K NDI converter for high image quality.

Both NDI encoder and NDI decoder

This tiny device (100*80*28mm) can do both NDI encoding and decoding, so you get two for the price of one. Changing the working mode on the UI to the mode you want, and it can easily accommodate all of your workflows.

*N40’s encoding and decoding functions are mutually exclusive, and cannot be used at the same time

Audio Intercom

Kiloview N40 supports 3.5mm analog audio mic in/out or embedded audio. It also supports voice intercom by USB headset between devices directly, or with Kiloview Intercom server.

Video Source Auto-detecting

Thanks to the NDI discovery server, your video can be easily found and connected by users from another network when registered to the designated server.

Seamless Switching without Lagging

In decoding mode, with Kiloview’s unique technology, there will be no lag when switching the output NDI videos.

Control with USB Keypad

In decoder mode, you can preset the NDI sources from number 0-9. When your keypad is ready, you can easily choose the output source with a single press.

Or you can even use the USB Keypad to control a PTZ camera

– the cheapest PTZ Keyboard you can get.

PTZ Control and Big-sized Tally

Kiloview N40 supports PTZ control through USB to serial RS232/485/422. It also supports PTZ control over IP, no extra cable required

N40 has a big-sized while bright and distinct Tally for PVW/PGM indication – all is to make perfect cooperation for your team.

Power and Data

With PoE, the N40 can be powered with a single cable connection. With the design of wide DC input range from 5V to 18V, it can also be easily powered by USB power or camera battery.

Various Mounting Methods

Exquisite design, small and light-weight, which can be easily attached to the camera by a threaded screw.

The groove design on both sides facilitates the rackmount installation in 1U/3U

Diagram of Appearance of N40

Compatible with TriCaster, vMix, OBS, and other commonly used tools. Carry out your video production anytime, anywhere.

NDI® is a registered trademark of NewTek Inc.

NDI Bandwidth Requirement

Default Bitrate250Mbps200Mbps125Mbps90Mbps


Video input1*HDMI
Video output1*HDMI(Loop or decoding output)
Audio port1*3.5mm
Network1*RJ45 1000Mbps Ethernet port (with PoE)
Video resolutionUp to UHD 4K60 (backward compatible with SD/HD/VESA)
NDI® codec capacity1x NDI® encoding or 1x NDI® decoding
NDI® CODEC featureNDI High Bandwidth HD encoding, typical bitrate: 250Mbps@4K60, 125Mbps@1080p60
LED indicatorTally light, power light and status connection light
PowerPoE, DC, D-Tap (camera) optional. 5-18V wide range supported
Voice intercomCustomization
PTZ controlNetwork PTZ and Serial Port
ManagementWeb UI and remote management with KILOVIEW KiloLink Server
Power consumption6w
Operating temperature-20~45℃ (Storage temperature: -20~70℃)
Dimension100x80x24 mm
Support DownloadsDocs & Firmware

Datasheet Download

Quick Comparison of our NDI Products

Product TypeProduct No.NDI Codec CapabilityVideo I/O ConnectivityResolutionNotes
N6NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HXHDMI1080P60 
N5NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HX3G-SDI1080P60 
N50NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HX12G-SDI4KP60 
N60NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HXHDMI4KP60 
N3NDI High Bandwidth3G-SDI1080P60 
N30NDI High Bandwidth12G-SDI4KP60 
N40NDI High BandwidthHDMI4KP60 
NDI Wireless EncoderN1NDI|HXSDI1080P60WiFi supported, Battery Builld-in
N2NDI|HXHDMI1080P60WiFi supported, Battery Builld-in
NDI EncoderE3NDI|HXSDI+HDMI4KP30 in HDMI, 1080P60 in SDI 
U40NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HXHDMI4KP60 
NDI DecoderD350NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HXSDI+HDMI4KP60