G Series Wireless Video Encoder


G series wireless video encoder can encode the SDI or HDMI video and push to network broadcast platforms through WIFI/USB expand 4G/wired to realize video transmission, which makes live broadcasting available anytime and anywhere. It supports SRT/RTMP/RTMPS/HLS/UDP/RTSP/Onvif protocols.

  • SRT                     
  • WiFi/4G/Wired      
  • Vertical Live            
  • Image and text overlay
  • Recording storage     
  • PTZ control 
  • 7*24h mode     
  • SDK/API provided  
  • Cost-effective         
  • Multi-platform live broadcast


Video production wireless transmission, conference/program/event webcast., video network transmission, video interactive connection, SDI camera network transformation, HDMI network transmission/live broadcast, video network recording, portrait live broadcast, etc.



Built-in WIFI module or USB expand 4G, wireless video transmission/ live broadcast supported.

  • Built-in dual-band (2.4G/5G Hz) WIFI module, and can support various channels to reduce interference from the same channel;
  • Support USB extended 4G transmission, and wired network video transmission/live broadcast;
  • Support satellite network transmission.

High quality chip solution and modular software system to ensure high image quality and high stability

  • High quality chip, FPGA processing after video capture, H.264 algorithm optimization, different streaming protocols, etc., to ensure clear, smooth and high color reproduction;
  • 8-layer PCB board design, dual CPU, modular software , low power consumption and low heat dissipation, voltage overload protection, automatic reconnection when power and network off, etc., ensure that the device is stable and can 7*24h continuous working available;
  • Adjustable bit rate from 64kbps~40Mbps;
  • Input resolution supports up to 1080P60, the encoding output resolution is adjustable.

Powerful streaming media service (support SRT), support dual stream output, support image and text overlay, video rotation/cropping (vertical live streaming) and video recording, etc.

  • H.264 encoding, support SRT transmission point-to-point and Caller/Listener/Rendezvous three transmission modes;
  • Simultaneously support RTSP/RTMP/RTMPS/HLS/TS-UDP/Onvif etc. protocols and customize for NDI|HX/SIP;
  • Dual stream output, the main code rate up to 1080P60,and the sub-stream supports 720P60 video encoding;Both the main stream and the sub stream can open 8 stream services simultaneously;
  • Professional preprocessing such as video rotation, cropping, horizontal mirroring and color adjustment before encoding;
  • User-defined text and picture overlay function, which can be superimposed to any position on the screen;
  • Micro SD/TF card for local recording, and support NAS network storage;
  • Support SDI/HDMI embedded audio encoding, and 3.5mm analog audio input encoding;
  • USB expansion PTZ control;
  • SDK/API provided for secondary development.




Video input

G1:1*BNC SDI; G2: 1*HDMI

Analog video input



2*USB 2.0 Type-A

Micro SD

1*Micro SD/TF Card storage interface

Network support

WIFI (2.4G/5G Hz)/USB expand 4G/Ethernet/Satellite

Video loop



Video resolution

Up to 1080P60Hz:

SDI model:1080P23.98/24/25/29.97/30Hz; 1080P50/59.94/60Hz;

1080i50/59.94/60Hz; 720P23.98/24/25/29.97/30Hz; 720P50/59.94/60Hz

HDMI model:1080P23.98/24/25/29.97/30Hz; 1080P50/59.94/60Hz;

1080i50/59.94/60Hz; 720P/30/50/59.94/60Hz; below 1920×1200

Video encoding

H264/AVC, Motion-JPEG

Audio encoding


Encoding latency


Media transmission protocols

SRT/RTMP/ RTMPS/HLS/TS over UDP/RTSP /Onvif, customize for SIP

Image and text overlay

Support custom text and picture overlay function, which can be superimposed to any position on the screen

Record storage

Micro SD/TF card local recording, and NAS network storage



Power supply/Consumption

DC 12V 1A / 4W


125*89*28mm (4.92*3.50*1.10”)



Operating temperature


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Product Type
Model No.
Input Interface
Network Connections
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3U-1/8/163G-SDI +HDMIEthernet/Satellite1080P60Mixed Insertion of 8/16 Channels of Codec Modules, Dual Power
H.264 Wireless EncoderG13G-SDIWiFi/Ethernet/USB Extended 4G/Satellite1080P60 
G2HD HDMIWiFi/Ethernet/USB Extended 4G/Satellite1080P60 
H.264 Wired EncoderE13G-SDIEthernet/Satellite1080P60