Over the years of productions in the market we have heard of ways to connect device and stream data using HDMI and SDI. But now there is a new ways to connects device for production using only network, it can be wired or wireless, it is called the Network Device Interface (NDI).

NDI is a basically a protocol using network that transmit audio, video, and metadata signal and send over within a network in real-time. It can be either locally or through the internet. NDI send signal 2 ways with a very low-latency which also able to transmit high quality video and audio. It is now mainly used in many pro AV industry.

NDI is free to use but for some solution it may have a cost where hardware need to be NDI build in such as TLC-700-IP-30-4K(NDI)-AB from Telycam which is a NDI enable PTZ camera which transmit 4K video. In addition to that NDI also allow controls device like the PTZ camera by only a NDI enabled controller. With NDI, video feeds can directly captured from network to either records or stream online. While Full NDI delivers high quality video, there is a also a compressed high efficiency option called NDI|HX that are easier to find within the network.

History of NDI

NDI was created and publicly revealed by NewTek on 8 September 2015. First device that was shown using is the NewTek Tricaster which transmit and NDI feed from a camera feed using SDI or HDMI inputs and feeds from a visual mixer in Tricaster

With the creation of NDI, broadcast work quality video are now being more creative. But previously without NDI, the broadcast industry reply largely on SDI cable which brings to a high-cost production and only limited to carry one signal in one direction at a single time which leads to time costly also.

NDI brings the video/audio signal onto any existing networks with no cost ( except for hardware). NDI operates only using standard Ethernet (LAN). A 1 Gigabit connect also allows passing of multiple NDI streams from sender to receiver. In video digital worlds, this enables more streamlined and elegant workflow by using NDI. It also helps to reduce cost of broadcast and video creation and capable to create high-end production. These capabilities are now widely used in either house of worship, live sports, education sectors and also live entertainment events to also improve their communications using NDI.

Hardware with NDI are then developed by manufacturer such as Telycam, MagewellOPTOver. and Kiloview. These brands offer various of products from PTZ cameras, controllers, converters, encoder and also decoder that are all NDI enabled to aid the in the production need.

NDI Workflow

Simple Guide to NDI
Brief Workflow of NDI.

What is NDI?

It not enables the pro AV users and new content creators, it can be used on any place no matter from which industry. It can be used for personal meetings, work, school and even outdoor to become a location for live video.

To answer that question, NDI enable the freedom of creativity. The no cost model mean that everyone can create their own special, powerful, and exciting way to tell stories.