Recently Houses of Worship are facing new challenges in live video production and distribution. Some of the common issues that we hear from personnels are these: How can I set-up for live-streams? How can I route video throughout my premises in a cost effective manner? I want to expand my video production but I don’t know how to.

If you ever have questions like these, we think NDI is the ideal solution to all those and more.

What is NDI? In short, it is a royalty-free video transmission standard that uses commonly available network gears, such as a standard ethernet CAT6 cables, network switches and routers, etc…, to transport your video over a local-area-network environment.

In other words, NDI allows users to have a flexible video setup without resorting to expensive or highly specialised equipment while still achieving great results in video transmission and distribution within a venue.

If you’d like to find out more, join our workshop now!

Date: 4 May 2021
Time: 10:30AM — 12:00PM (Online via Teams) – Click here to sign up

In the workshop, we will be covering areas such as:

  • How NDI can fit in your workflow?
  • Case studies of effective set-ups
  • A look at the world of NDI equipments
  • What is recommended for NDI compatible equipment and solutions?