Webinar – Kiloview New Releases and NDI 5 (with guest speaker from Kiloview)

Webinar - Kiloview New Releases and NDI 5 Poster

Join this webinar if you’re into live video production!

Kiloview is becoming one of the staples in live-video productions, with their range converters adding flexibility to our users’ setups. 

In this webinar, you can learn more about the new products set to be released together with the upcoming NDI 5 update, as we hear directly from Kiloview’s CTO and his team on interesting case studies and insights to NDI 5 new features.

Main points we’ll be covering:

  • Exploring NDI 5 and solutions based on the latest features
  • NDI Remote and how it can change the industry
  • NDI Bridge and its advantages
  • Kiloview N6 features and its uniqueness within the N series of products

About Kiloview

Kiloview is one of the leading companies in live video production equipment. Widely used in the broadcasting and live-streaming field, Kiloview has a range of products that can fit in any production level.

Specializing in converter boxes, their products focuses on helping your production stay easily compatible regardless of the video standards or protocols being deployed.

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Time: 10:30AM – 11:30AM
Date (Day): 24 June 2021 (Thu)
Platform: Microsoft Teams (Meeting link will be shared after sign-up)

You can also submit your questions here ahead of time: https://app.sli.do/event/qeedijbz/live/questions

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