What is a PTZ Camera

Introduction In the world of multi-camera production, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras play a critical role. Whether it’s live streaming an event, recording a television show, or capturing a critical moment in a film, PTZ IP cameras offer a level of versatility and flexibility that traditional fixed cameras simply cannot match. An IP camera that can remotely manipulate direction… Continue reading What is a PTZ Camera

What is AV over IP? (AVoIP)

Introduction AV over IP (Audio-Visual over Internet Protocol) is a relatively new technology that is rapidly gaining popularity in the audiovisual industry. In simple terms, it refers to the transmission of audio and video signals over a network using standard Internet Protocol (IP) technologies. The goal of AV over IP is to provide a more… Continue reading What is AV over IP? (AVoIP)

What is Dante?

Introduction Dante is a popular audio networking technology that has revolutionized the way audio signals are transmitted and processed. Dante is an acronym for Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet, and it refers to a system that allows multiple audio devices to be connected over a standard Ethernet network. The technology was developed by Audinate, a… Continue reading What is Dante?