The Ultimate Encoder – Magewell Ultra Encode AIO


Magewell has been famous with their AV over IP equipment, from PCI-e capture card, USB capture, NDI converter, encoders, decoders and many more. In the recent years, Magewell has release a new encoder to their Ultra Stream family; the Ultra Encoder AIO.

Ultra Encode AIO take the encoding to whole new level with embed SDI & HDMI input connectivity in one device. The capability of streaming and encoding in 4K from HDMI inputs with a higher bitrate and also USB recording on the go. It is convenience to use on live-streaming, sports, education sector and most of the IP based production and of course AV-over-IP.

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Multi-Input Video Processing

With Magewell Ultra Encode AIO, you are able to have SDI or HDMI input to stream/encode but it is only single channel meaning one source are able to stream/ encode at a time, but recording can be done while streaming /encoding. The Ultra Encode AIO also has the capabilty to mix video using their simple and easy to use Web-UI to mix up to 8 custom overlays.

Multiple I/O
Multiple I/O

Formats and Protocol

The Ultra Encode AIO can supports multiple video encoding formats:

  • H.264
  • H.265 (HEVC)
  • NDI®|HX 2
  • NDI®|HX 3
  • SRT
  • RTSP
  • RTP
  • HLS
  • TVU’s ISSP technology.
  • AAC (Audio – up to 8 Channels)

Recording & Streaming Versatility

Ultra Encode AIO allows for simultaneous streaming and recording. Inputs can be saved to an SD card, an external USB storage device, or networked storage (NFS, CIFS, or SMB). Which makes archiving your production super convenience.

Recording supports :
  • USB Drive
  • SD Card
  • Network Storage
*Storage depends on the media that are used.
Multiple I/O
Multiple I/O

Clean and Easy Web-UI

The Ultra Encode AIO comes with a simple and clean Web-UI that allow user conveniently navigate and configure their setting before going live or recording of their productions.

Any web browser are compatible just key in the IP address of the Ultra Encode AIO and start configuring. Eg : (last 3 digit will the device IP address)

Default login then will be
  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

Application of Ultra Encode AIO

In the recent  AV-over-IP productions, Macking Domain has tested out the Ultra Encode alongside otehr Magewell Ultra Stream products.

Events : Live Sports Streaming – Perodua Malaysia Masters 2023

3x Ultra Stream + Ultra Encode AIO
3x Ultra Stream + Ultra Encode AIO

Usage Overview

After using the Magewell Ultra Encode AIO at the live-sports events, the Ultra Encode AIO is truly an ultimate encoder that are easy and simple to configure with the clean Web-UI for easy navigation among the pages for settings.