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New Demands As The World Faces The COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s no surprise that the ongoing pandemic has caused many organizations all over the world to restructure their workflow. From lightly-enforced social distancing to all-out quarantines, people have been looking for all sorts of alternatives to meeting in person.

In the past few weeks we have had several enquiries from houses of worship with different video production needs. What we found is that while demands vary, we seem to constantly look to NewTek™ as a solution.

One-Stop Video Production Solution

For the unfamiliar, NewTek produces hardware and software for live-video production. But if you look past the surface of that simple description, you’ll find their products may exceed your video production demands.

Screenshot of Macking Domain Live remote conference with OPTOver salesperson from South Korea

Some of the most common requests we have been receiving are solutions for video-switching, live-streaming, and video-conferencing. Sometimes we even get enquiries for a combination of the three. The amazing thing about the NewTek TriCaster line of products is that they are capable of doing all three and more.

For example, you can record the sessions you run, or add detailed overlays such as infographics, lower-thirds, and picture-in-picture. In fact, you can take it further with tools such as color-keying and add a virtual-set into your production. All these tools allow you to produce high-quality content without the need to add multiple products in your workflow chain.

Easy to use and future-proofed

Don’t let the elaborate terminology fool you. While it may sound complicated, NewTek has always made it a point to create easy-to-use equipment without compromising features. Users can start with basics such as video switching and streaming before exploring the additional tools as they go.

Quite often, new users will find that the availability of these features become an important asset in the long run. Just by familiarizing with the product, users discover ways to add value to their productions through these additional features.

But don’t just take our word for it, check out some of these user stories from NewTek:

Adapted from NewTek blog “Kansas Church Expands Worship Community With Streaming Technology” by Jen Lynch, 29 Sept 2016.

One of the main goals of CrossPoint Church is providing easy access to their regular worship services via live-stream. This is an effort to address the needs of the smaller communities around them with no local church to attend. Apart from the live-stream, CrossPoint’s TriCaster system provided synchronized live-feeds from their main campus to their smaller campuses. One of the most striking results for CrossPoint was the production quality they were getting out of their TriCaster system.

CrossPoint Kansas Congregation
“Our production quality is as good as anything you would see on TV, which helps members feel what the people are feeling in the live setting.” – Paul Alicea, CrossPoint Worship Arts Pastor
Adapted from NewTek blog “Northview Assembly of God Extends Outreach with Live Streaming” by Chuck Baker, 8 Oct 2014.

For Northview, what started out as a simple need has expanded to a holistic church media content solution. Northview’s multimedia Minister Eric Burton highlights how the church’s media expansion took off with its investment into a TriCaster.

Initially, one of their early requirement was simple lyric projection for the congregation. With the addition of a TriCaster, Burton was able to expand into live-feeds and live-streaming. With their weekly services available online, Northview saw newcomers deciding to visit after watching the service online.

While TriCaster’s range of features are great, Burton notes that its ease-of-use was a major appeal among Northview’s volunteer crew.

Northview AOG TriCaster Operator
“Having no formal training in video production, they’re doing a great job. After a couple services, they are comfortable with their production duties, switching cameras, bringing up titles and playing back video clips in the DDR.” – Eric Burton, Multimedia Minister

Prefer a hands-on? Get in touch with us!

We are always interested in providing the best solutions for our clients, not just making the sales. However, we are also confident in TriCaster‘s ability to meet a wide range of needs.

If you prefer to have a hands-on with their products, do contact us to arrange for a product demo. Alternatively if you’re still uncertain about the TriCaster, let’s have a conversation and find the best fit for your needs.

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