How AutoTracking PTZ helps in AV over IP Productions


The audio-visual (AV) sector has undergone tremendous transition in recent years, with the advent of an innovative and disruptive trend known as AV over IP. The advent of IP-based networking technology has set the stage for a revolution in how audio and video content is handled, delivered, and enjoyed while traditional AV systems continue to advance.

As AV over IP gains traction, it has the potential to alter the AV ecosystem by providing unprecedented opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and connectivity. Join us on this voyage through the world of AV over IP as we explore the potential of this game-changing trend and its impact on how we engage with audio and video material in the digital age.

AutoTracking for Live Sports Events

Benefits of Autotracking

AutoTracking PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras play a crucial role in enhancing AV (Audio-Visual) over IP productions by offering several key benefits:

Ease of Subject Tracking

PTZ cameras that come with autotracking automatically track the motions of subjects or objects in their range of view. This keeps the primary subject in focus and properly framed throughout the production. In situations where there is frequent movement, such as live events or presentations, the camera can keep up with the action without requiring manual intervention.

Remote Control and Flexibility

AutoTracking PTZ cameras can be remotely operated over an IP network. Operators can manage camera movements, zoom levels, and focus from a centralized control room or even a computer interface. It allows for more freedom in managing camera angles and images without requiring physical access to the camera.

Single Operator Efficiency

Traditional productions may require many camera operators to handle diverse angles. A single operator can operate many cameras at the same time with AutoTracking PTZ cameras. This additionally saves labor but also streamlines the production procedure, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

Integration with AV over IP Systems

AutoTracking PTZ cameras are designed to work seamlessly with AV over IP systems. They are simply connected to the IP network, allowing for simple video streaming, distribution, and control over the network. This integration makes the production more accessible and scalable by simplifying its setup and management.

Better Video Quality

AutoTracking PTZ cameras frequently include high-quality lenses and image stabilisation technologies. This produces smooth and professional-looking video footage, which improves the entire visual experience for viewers.

Increased Audience Engagement

AutoTracking PTZ cameras help to a more engaging viewing experience by giving dynamic shots and tracking the action. The ability to capture movement and focus on the important issues aids in maintaining audience interest and attention during live events or lectures.

Broad Range of Applications

AutoTracking PTZ cameras are adaptable and may be utilised in a variety of applications such as live events, sports broadcasts, video conferencing, webinars, distance learning, and more. Their versatility makes them suited for a variety of AV over IP production scenarios.


Content producers and production teams can benefit from enhanced automation, productivity, and overall video quality by utilising AutoTracking PTZ cameras in AV over IP projects, resulting in more engaging and professional productions.

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