DisplayPort 2.1 DP40 cable, 2m

Part # : WST-CDP002

  • VESA certified DP2.1 DP40 cable.
  • Supports 40G bandwidth, max resolution up to 16K@30Hz using DSC technology.
  • Supports HDCP2.2, DP++, DSC1.2.
  • DisplayPort connector without latch design.
  • Gold plated connectors and pins that increase electrical conductivity and enhance durability.

Wavesplitter DisplayPort 2.1 DP40 cable is a VESA certified cable, compatible with DP40 standard. It supports resolutions up to 16K with a 40G bandwidth. DP2.1 cable backward compatible with DP2.0, DP1.4, DP1.3, DP1.2 and support DP++. It also supports AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync technologies, with this cable you can enjoy smooth, tear-free gaming and movie-watching at the highest frame rates and refresh rates.

Package Contents
  1. DisplayPort 2.1 DP40 cable x 1
Connector A DisplayPort Male
Connector B DisplayPort Male

Supported Bandwidth 40Gbps
Supported Color Depth 8 / 10 / 12 / 16 bit
Output Resolution 15260×8640@30Hz; 10240×4320@120Hz; 10240×4320@60Hz; 7680×4320@120Hz; 7680×4320@60Hz; 3840×2160@144Hz; 3840×2160@60Hz; 2560×1440@240Hz; 2560×1440@120Hz; 2560×1440@60Hz; 1920x1080P@360Hz; 1920x1080P@240Hz; 1920x1080P@120Hz; 1920x1080P@60Hz; 1920x1080P@3D

Connector Construction
Housing Material PVC
Connector Plating Gold Plated
Housing Shielding Tinplate
Size W x D x H 21 x 33 x 11.4mm
Pin Plating Gold Plated

Cable Construction
Standard DisplayPort 2.1
Length 2M
Jacket Material PVC
Jacket Color Black
Jacket Diameter 5.7mm
Conductor Gauge 28AWG
Conductor Material Bare Copper
Cable Shielding Tinned Copper Braid. Coverage 80%

Operating Temperature 0˚C~55˚C
Storage Temperature -10˚C~60˚C

VESA Approval Yes
Safety & Emission RoHS / REACH / UL

Country of Origin China
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