Why we promote G-Technology Thunderbolt of USB3.0 Drive?
*Price comparison.
*Specs comparison.
*Reliability, local support.

WD Mybook Thunderbolt Duo 8TB is using Green Drive. Its not suitable for video Editing usage, you may experiecne overheating when you copy big files. It will crash the HDD, files maybe missing. 
RM2,519.00 (street Price) 

G-Raid 8TB Thunderbolt 1 (enterprise HDD)
RM2,438.00 (Street Price) 

Mybook Pro 8TB Thunderbolt 2
Recently WD upgraded the range to Black Drive. The reliability of the Black Drive is an improvement. the price also very high compare to G-Tech solutions.
RM3,689.00 (street price)

G Raid 8TB Thunderbolt 3 + USB3.0 (enterprise HDD)
Same video as the thunderbolt2 + USB3.0 specs.
RM3,286.00 (Street Price)