Wavesplitter Unveiled: Elevating AV Solutions

Get ready to up your AV distribution game as Macking Domain introduces a powerhouse to our lineup—Wavesplitter. Specializing in AV distribution devices, Wavesplitter’s products include various ranges of HDMI extenders, matrix switchers, and HDMI cables, suitable for video distribution needs and signage.

In this blog we recount our journey through the various deployments within Taiwan and what we learnt from Wavesplitter’s Taiwan team along with their various innovative applications of their product lineup, as we prepare to introduce this amazing brand to the local market here in Malaysia and Singapore.

Brainstorm 3D Experience

Days 1: Taipei - Technical Insights and Market Applications

On the first day we arrived early in the morning. Calvin, International Head of Sales at Wavesplitter, welcomed us to the country with a little sight-seeing around the city while also giving us a crash course on the product range. Conversations revolved around case studies and some technical pointers from his own experience.

Day 2: Taipei - 10G SDVoE Systems and a visit to an IT Retail Shop

On Day 2, we visited a premier System Integrator’s showroom within Taipei. The showroom prominently featured Wavesplitter’s 10G range employing the SDVoE protocol (WST-PIP001, WST-PIP002, WST-PIP003). The impressive part of the showcase was the ultra-low latency performance of the product. From video walls to LED displays, and a central controller unit enabling easy customization, the flexibility of Wavesplitter products was evident.

Our journey continued to Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Research Center, showcasing an interesting telemedicine case study. We saw how the HDMI extenders and controller units were used to seamlessly route to and control the various TVs spread across and outside the hall. In our discussions with the personnel there, the ease-of-use was paramount to them as the users were typically doctors and medical technicians who may not have the know-how on operating more conventional AV systems.

Later that day, the team brought us to an IT Retail Shop collaborating with the local Taiwan distributor. Here, the focus shifted to HDMI cables and affordable extenders catering to home and office usage (WST-PEX series, WST-CHD series), which was an interesting consideration for us as well.

Wavesplitter Taiwan Day 2 - 3
Wavesplitter Taiwan Day 2 - 5

Day 3: Taichung - eSports Scalability and Affordable Solutions

Travelling to Taichung, we visited the eSports arena at Hungkuang University. We were keen to see this particular application as it served as another real-world example of the SDVoE 10G deployment. The Wavesplitter 10G HDMI extenders allowed scalability and control, serving as an upgrade from traditional analog solutions. We toured the facilities and were impressed with the arena setup that served as an excellent training ground for the students interested in this field.

The technical advantages, especially in scalability and low latency, was one of the main reasons the Associate Professor Jian-Ji Huang settled for Wavesplitter’s line of products for their arena AV distribution system.

Wavesplitter Taiwan Day 3 - 6
Wavesplitter Taiwan Day 3 - 15
Wavesplitter Taiwan Day 3 - 13

Day 4: Tainan - Deployments in Conference Rooms and Home Entertainment

Our exploration continued in Tainan, where one of National Cheng Kung University’s meeting rooms featured Wavesplitter’s flush-mounted display plate (TW00373) that connected to a matrix switcher (WST-POT002) linked to a 3×3 TV wall. These connectors were useful in keeping the meeting table tops tidy while providing a connection point for delegates to connect their laptops for presentation purposes. The matrix switcher then managed the devices projected to the TV wall. In the process of our exchange here, we learned of the growing demand for well-integrated meeting rooms and how these devices are helping organizations achieve their goals with the efficient use of these techonologies.

Wavesplitter Taiwan Day 4 - 1
Wavesplitter Taiwan Day 4 - 4

After this we visited an interesting retailer in the area focusing on home entertainment setups, where we discovered a niche application. Wavesplitter’s adaptability turned out to be a good solution for centralizing media cabinets within private homes, providing a centralized distribution system for video and console devices to various rooms within a home.

Day 5: Kaohsiung - Multi Classrooms Integration

The final leg saw us in Kaohsiung, where we visited an off-site campus of National Cheng Kung University within the city. Here we saw the deployment of a multi-classroom setup where the AV distribution across classrooms was instrumental in allowing a single lecturer to teach from one classroom and have his presentation as well as a live video feed of him be displayed across various classrooms.

Wavesplitter Taiwan Day 5 - 1
Wavesplitter Taiwan Day 5 - 9

Concluding Thoughts:

Our journey through Taiwan was an eye opening one, as we considered a new dimension of AV over IP distribution and Wavesplitter’s products. The important features of durability, stability, and ultra-low latency make Wavesplitter a solid choice for system integrators and retailers looking to solve their AV distribution and signage needs. With the technical expertise of the Wavesplitter team that we have met, we anticipate the seamless adoption of Wavesplitter’s technology in our region. If you’re interested to learn more about these products, feel free to arrange a demo session with us, and stay tuned for more contents and updates on Wavesplitter!