TriCaster TC-1 helps realize Virtual Rally

It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has halted many events and mass-gatherings. As companies contend with this shift, some are beginning to leverage the untapped potential of live video and virtual sets. Amway Malaysia is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of convention, and with the help of AV Sense, were able to realize a successful virtual rally on the 5th of June 2020 (Friday).

Amway Bodykey Sound Stage

Helping AV Sense with the plan

We were brought into the project when AV Sense contacted us about solutions on creating a comprehensive virtual-set production. We were quick to suggest the NewTek TriCaster system, given our experiences with its powerful LiveMatte keying tool and Virtual Set options within the M/E functions.

After the introduction, we spent a few demo sessions covering the TriCaster TC 1’s features and how it can fit into different project scenario. When AV Sense presented their proposal to Amway, all parties were relatively impressed with TriCaster’s capabilities.

AVSense TriCaster Demo

The Virtual Rally program involved multiple transitions between live hosts and video recordings, with each transition back to hosts having a shift in virtual set background. In addition to that, the production team needed to incorporate several overlay elements e.g. lower-thirds, presentation slides, and branding.

equipment involved

In view of the requirements, production set included the TriCaster TC-1, a 4K PTZ camera, and a large blue-screen backdrop. On top of that, there were several converters used, one of them being the Spark Plus 4K NDI converter. Check out the full workflow below for more details:

AVSense Amway Virtual Rally Workflow

As one can see, the production had a minimalist approach to the actual physical set stage and camera setup. With that said, AV Sense relied heavily on TriCaster’s Virtual Sets and M/E setups to run the show. On this front, the TC-1 did not disappoint, as most of Amway’s production requirements were met.

Amway Bodykey Main Monitor 2

With the conclusion of the event, many were impressed with the final results which garnered a live viewership of about a thousand people. Furthermore, viewer comments indicated an overall positive experience with the Virtual Rally. As for AV Sense, they’ve expressed satisfaction with the support provided by Macking Domain throughout the production.

If you’d like to experience the same level of support in your next investment, feel free to contact us.