Telemedicine Conference with IJN

With the advancement of technology and creation of internet, medical industry has made a wide use of video conference also known as telemedicine. With the telemedicine conference, medical personnel may share knowledge and information across internet allows long-distance patient and clinician contact, care, advice, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring, and remote admissions.

In this case study, IJN (Institut Jantung Negara) is the one that use telemedicine for the surgery conference with a Singapore conference event.


Control Room

Inside the control room, to control and transmitted all the footage to Zoom conference,  For this telemedicine conference, Newtek TriCaster TC-2 Elite is used. The machine is setup with 2 monitors, one work as control panel, while the other as Multiview monitor to view various raw input footage.

The setup in a dedicated media room in IJN nearby the operation theater. With the TC2- Elite, the setup only uses 1 hour to setup and ready roll and only needed 2 operators.

Zoom Conference
TriCaster Control Interface



For this telemedicine conference, the camera are the combination of 2 cameras setup, one static and PTZ camera that are able to get specific footage with a controller in the control room.

For PTZ control of the camera, there are no constant moving need for the camera, so by using a software in the streaming software are sufficient.

PA 2
PTZ Camera : PTZ Camera P-NA Series (NDI)
Static Camera : POV V-N Sereis
Angle from PTZ Camera
Angle from Static Camera
Outside Operation Theater (radioactive room)


For the audio setup, wireless mic and Glensound AOIP 44 (with Dante) is used for audio transmission from the operation theater and also communication between Zoom conference to the surgeon and the other way around. A speaker is also setup in the control to listen to the overall audio of the session. (Refer to control room)

Glensound AOIP44 (Front)
Glensound AOIP 44 (Back) - 4 Channel in/out


For simple and effective setup, IP routing is the best way to go regardless of video(NDI) or audio(Dante). With only using 1 type of cable, network cable(RJ45), it can transmit video and audio with ease and skip the time of messy cable laying all around the setuo environment. For this telemedicine conference, an effective network switch is used for control room and also in the operation theater. The network switches used are the Netgear AV Line M4250 which served as internet, video and audio transmission.

Netgear AV Line M4250 x2

Encoders, Decoders

Encoder/ Decoders play an important role in telemedicine conference. It serves as sending to be capture to the control room and also from the control room back to the operation theater.

Operation Theater

A Kiloview N4 is used to transmit video footage from static camera (OptoVer POV) to the control room. Another Kiloview N4 is used outside the operation theater to capture the medical reference monitor ( hear rate monitor, Xray footage back to the control room.

Control Room

Inside the control room, the footage are then complied and transmitted to the Zoom conference using a Magewell capture card connected to the Zoom computer.

Reference monitor outside the operation theater
Picture in Picture ( Video footage , Heart Rate Monitor, X Ray Monitor)
All inputs from camera and Kiloview N4
Magewell USB Capture SDI 4K Plus ( Program Output to Zoom)