Wave Board Audio Controller


Model: Wave-Board-V1


SKAARHOJ Wave Board Malaysia

If you’re looking to take audio control to the next level in your video productions, the Wave Board from SKAARHOJ has you covered. This audio controller provides you with eight motorized faders with RGB LED bars for monitoring audio levels, a four-button control section per channel, and five global function keys for expanding beyond eight channels. The Wave Board runs the SKAARHOJ-developed open-source UniSketch OS, which is user-programmable to fit specific workflows. PoE technology simplifies setup by enabling signals and power to travel via a single cable.

Tricaster Audio Control and Monitoring







Wave Board – audio control unlike anything you’ve ever seen before

Audio control is not always a separate concern to the video producer. SKAARHOJ comptrollers generally give you access to audio adjustments and monitoring through encoders and four-way buttons and by means of multi level LED bars. IF that doesn’t cut it, Wave Board comes to the rescue with eight motorized faders, full color LED bars, a four button control section per channel and global function keys to multiply it all at your will. Exceptional.

Device Cores

SKAARHOJ Wave Board Malaysia with TriCaster

SKAARHOJ Wave Board Malaysia with vMix




– 8 channels of motorized faders for parameter and volume control
– Monitor audio levels with the RGB LED bars
– 2×2 auxiliary button matrix with crisp OLED legends for muting, solo, up/down action
– Expand beyond 8 channels with sophisticated meta control section

– Wave Board
– 12V power supply
– USB programming cable
– Networking cable
– UniSketch OS
– Manuals and Software

SKAARHOJ Wave Board Malaysia

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