C-K100 Controller



  • Interactive communication Camera Control
  • Up to 4 Connectable PTZ Cameras
  • Up to 255 Preset
  • VISCA  9,600/38,400 bps Protocol
  • RS-422/485 Communication
  • Swing Pattern Group
  • PTZ on OSD Patented Powerful Function
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OPTOver C-K100 Controller Malaysia

This compact remote controller features a high-quality joystick that allows effortless one-handed pan, tilt and zoom adjustments of compatible OPTOver.P/U/K series PTZ cameras as well as Sony PTZ remote cameras. Zoom can also be controlled via the joystick or a supplementary seesaw lever; dedicated knobs and control buttons simplify direct access to frequently-needed camera functions. 

High-quality control of PTZ functions

It’s easy to achieve professional looking productions, with joystick adjustment of pan and tilt, plus zoom control either via joystick or a separate seesaw lever. Adjustable speed control of PTZ allows smooth, acurate camera movements.

Control up to 4 cameras

The remote controller allows control of pan, tilt, zoom and other functions of up to 14 cameras.

Swing/Pattern/Group functions

A sequence of camera moves can be stored for instant recall whenever required. Available to set up to 8 of swing, 8 of pattern and 8 of group functions.

Store and recall camera presets

Up to 255 presets (camera angles and settings) can be stored recalled instantly via the numeric keypad, saving time in multiple camera set-ups.

Tally indicator

Includes Normal Tally/On-Air Tally/Contact Modes

Adjust camera paint functions

Color related settings – including black levels, white balance, detail level, auto exposure level, iris, gain and shutter speed – can be adjusted directly without needing to use the camera menus.

Technical Specifications

Input/output connectors

  • Communication : RS-422/485
  • Protocol : VISCA
  • Control signal format : 9,600bps~38,400bps



  • Controller button : LED supported for each button
  • Joystick : Pan/Tilt/Zoom(24/23/16 steps)
  • Input voltage : DC12V ± 10%
  • Current consumption : 1A max.
  • LCD display : Graphic display of 20*4 lines.
  • Operating temperature : 0 ºC~ 40 ºC
  • Dimension (W x H x D) : 284 x 163 x 125 mm
  • Mass : Approximately 1 kg
  • Dial knob


Rear Panel

  • Communication : 422/485
  • Power plug
  • Power switch


Supplied Accessories

  • Adapter
  • Manual

OPTOver C-K100 Controller Malaysia

OPTOver C-K200 Controller Malaysia


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