TriCaster TC Mini 4K

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NewTek TriCaster TC Mini 4K

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Network Video Input
– 8 x IP video inputs via NDI®, resolution-independent, NDI inputs supporting video input in any combination of standard formats, resolutions, and frame rates

– Support for up to 8 simultaneous Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) robotic cameras via serial and network protocols, including RS232, RS422, and IP, with integrated controls and preset system

Skype TX
– Native support for up to 2 simultaneous Skype® video call inputs via Skype TX software integration, including tally and Talk Back communication

Network Video Output
– 4 x independent IP video mix outputs via NDI®

Stream Output
– 2 x streaming video output, independently configurable, with simultaneous stream archive

Monitor Outputs
– 4 x mini display port with output adapters
– 3 x of the outputs support multiviewers using standard display resolutions

Mix/Effect Buses (M/E)
– 4 x M/E buses supporting video re-entry
– 1 x Mix/Effect channel per bus with support for up to 2 sources
– 2 x KEY layers per bus

DSK Channels
– 2 x DSK channels

4 x media players:
– 2 x DDR
– 1 x GFX
– 1 x Sound
15 x media buffers:
– 5 x animation buffers
– 10 x graphic buffers

– Integrated LiveMatte™ chroma and luma keying technology on all source channels and M/E buses
– 8 x input keyers
– 2 x media player keyers
– 4 x M/E keyers
– 15 x buffer keyers

Integrated video composition engine on the switcher and each M/E bus to create, store, and apply layer
configurations and DVE-style motion sequences
– 16 x configurable COMP presets per bus

Virtual Sets
– Integrated LiveSet™ technology with 30+ live virtual sets and box effects included

– Integrated DataLink™ technology enabling real-time, automated data input from internal and external sources, including webpages, spreadsheets, scoreboards, databases, RSS feeds, watch files, XML, CSV, ASCII and more

Record, store, edit and automate commands and user-configured operation sequences
– Attach to control panel buttons, keyboard shortcuts, hotspots, MIDI and X-keys® buttons or GPI triggers
– Attach to internal events and state changes, including audio, media playback, tally and specific switcher actions
– Supports control via web-based interface

4 x recording channels from either NDI® inputs or Mix outputs (10 x with Premium Access)
– Records and retains alpha channel data
– 4 x QuickTime® archival video recorders (Native NDI Codec for recording)

Signal Monitoring
– Integrated waveform and vectorscope, full field rate with digital calibration, color preview and support for ITU-R Rec. 709

– Capacity varies by format, resolution and file specification
– Supports recording to external storage via USB 3.0

– Grab full-resolution, deinterlaced still images from external video sources and outputs

– Export video and image files to social media, FTP, local or external volumes, and network servers, with optional transcoding

Audio Mixing
– Integrated multi-channel audio mixer with support for stereo audio, and DSP’s

Local Audio Input
– 1 x 1/4” (6.35 mm) balanced mic
– 2 x 1/4” (6.35 mm) balanced line

Local Audio Output
– 2 x 1/4” (6.35 mm) balanced line
– 1 x 1/4” (6.35 mm) stereo headphones jack

Network Audio
– Native support for network audio input and output via NDI®
– Embedded audio supported for all NDI® input and output video signals
– Integrated support for Dante™ networking protocol from Audinate®

Supported Media File Formats
Import, store, and play back multimedia files, with optional transcoding, including:
– Video: AVI, DV, DVCPro, DVCProHD, FLV, F4V, H.263, H.264, MOV, MKV, MJPEG, MPEG, MP4, WMV, WebM, and more
– Image: PSD, PNG, TGA, BMP, JPEG, JPEG-XR, JPEG2000, EXR, RAW, TIF, WebP, and more
– Audio: AIFF, MP3, WAV, and more

– Support for network tally via NDI®

– Support for standard MIDI protocol enabling third-party device control

– 2 x 1 Gigabit NIC


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