Mastercard Customer Forum 2022 with NDI Infrastruture


In November 2022, located at the northern island of Malaysia, Langkawi, venue at Langkawi International Convention Centre. MasterCard held an event ” MasterCard Customer Forum 2022″. Macking Domain was assigned to do the live feed on LED wall and also recording for those sessions. The event only uses 2 men power to operate which is one TriCaster operator and one camera operator. The conference session is from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Ballroom, Stage, LED Wall
Ballroom, Stage, LED Wall
Ballroom, Stage, LED Wall
Control Booth
Control Booth
Control Booth Covered
TriCaster Mini for Immersive Zone
Immersive Zone VR

Equipment List- Ballroom

Live Feed & Recording

TriCaster Elite 2 is used for Live Feed to LED Wall via network cable CAT 6 and output using a decoder to the LED wall and TV at the stage.

TriCaster Elite 2


Network Switch used is the NETGEAR M2450 AV Line  Port and also and extra switch back stage to give extra netowkr port for output and inputs.

TriCaster 2 Elite, NETGEAR Switch & Router


4 units of TLC-300-IP-12-4K PTZ camera is to get high quality 4k footages.

Position 1 Wide Angle - CAM 1
Position 2 Close Up - CAM 2
Position 3 Crowd - CAM 3
Position 4 Crowd - CAM 4


One TLC-50TC (NDI) is used to control 4 units of camera in the ball room hall.

Camera Multiview with Controller
Camera Multiview
CAM 1 Wide

Output to LED Wall & Stage TV

For the conference output to LED wall and TV are all served using NDI and also encoder/decoder from Kiloview. The live feed are then feed to TV using HDMI on stage.

N4 HDMI FULL NDI® Codec for Encoder & Decode

Footage Gallery

Picture in Picture
Panelist Interview