Live Streaming Live Streaming for Sport Events - Petronas Open 2023

On January 2023, Macking Domain is hired to a live streaming on a well known sport events, “Petronas Malaysia Open 2023” held in Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil. With only 2 person manpower, a successful live streaming was carried out with ease with the latest live streaming equipment using network alongside with high quality 4K footage and superb clean audio. The event was then streaming to Facebook of BAM (Badminton Association Malaysia).

Sport Events Live Stream Workflow



There are 3 cameras used in this live sport event. Mainly the cameras brands is Telycam with the model 4K NDI® Camera TLC-700-IP-35-4K(NDI).  The cameras was setup on the fourth floor of the Axiata Arena crowd area and only uses a small area that doesn’t take up  much the space of the crowd seating. The camera were then powered with POE and footage transmit uses only 1 network for each camera.

Camera Control

All the 3 cameras are control using the TLC-50TC/TLC-50TC(NDI). All the cameras are connected using network cable thru switch and control via NDI. The control are able to set preset for various angle and move the angle when needed ( interview camera)

2 Cameras on 4th Floor - Crowd seating area (minimal effect on seating)

Camera Setup for Court 4
Camera Control TLC-50TC NDI
Camera Setup for Court 3

1 Cameras on 1st Floor interview area.

Interview Area Camera Setup
Interview Area Camera Setup
Interview Session on Going
Interview Session on Going

Footage Quality (Screenshots from Facebook Live)

Camera Quality from camera
Camera Quality from Interview Area


Audio plays and important role in sport event in this case to capture court side audio of the shuttlecock and racket sound. To fulfill a clean audio signal with no static noise, audio device with Dante is used. The audio device brands is Glensound which provide clean audio via network and powered using only POE with each network for each device for signal and microphones are also connected to the device.

  • For court side audio, 2 Units of  Glensound AoIP2M is used with Lewitt LCT240 microphones.
  • For interview area, Glensound Vita Mini is used with Beyerdynamic TGV50 and another unit is used at the control area for communications. A headphone is also used for communication with the interviewer & control.

Courtside Audio

Glensound AoIP2M
Lewitt LCT240 mic

Interview Area Audio

Headphones 1/4in jack, Beyerdynamic TG V50, Glensound Vita Mini
Interviewer with Headphone, Glensound Vita Mini (on Waist )& Microphone


Network plays a very important role in the live streaming. With all the camera, audio using network cable an efficient network switch is very important. For this sport event live stream, For internet uplink, Ubiquiti ER4 router is used. Netgear AV Line M4250 switch is used to ensure stability of the connection. The Netgear M4250 26 port switch is used as main and 12 port is used as sub switch.

Netgear AV Line M4250 Switch12 Ports (Sub Switch)

Encoders, Decoders & Multiview Monitor

Scoreboard capture is one of the most important to give a touch to the whole outcome of the live stream footage. With that Kiloview encoder and decoder are used to capture the score from the courtside and also decoder the whole footage to the livestreaming platform, in our case is Facebook Live.

2 Unit  Kiloview N4 (HDMI) capture the score from the courtside and convert it to NDI and transmit it to the live streaming software (TC2-Elite). For this case, N4 is used to encode it to NDI and loop back into the TV at the courtside.

To ensure small load of the streaming machine (TC2 – Elite), Kiloview  E Series is the connected to stream the footage to Facebook Live of BAM.

For multiview output, SDI cable are connect to the Kiloview E Series and operators may view the footage of the event. In this case, 3 SDI are connected to the SUMO 19 Inch multiview monitor.

Court side Scoreboard Capture with Kilovierw N4 ( Right Device)
Kiloview N4 at courtside (Top Device)
Atomos SUMO 19' Multiview Monitor
Atomos SUMO 19' Multiview Monitor

Live Streaming Device

Live streaming device is the most important of the devices. It controls the input and output of all the devices, it can controls the camera, audio, add in the logo and also work as the switcher for the live footage.

For this sport event, the Newtek TriCaster TC-2 Elite is used. The machine is setup with 2 monitors, one work as control panel, while the other as Multiview monitor to view various raw input footage.

The whole “media control” is setup on second floor of Axiata Arena which is the area is for the all the media personnel. With the TC2- Elite, the setup only uses 1 hour to setup and ready roll and only needed 2 operators.

View from the media area
Media Area Setup
"The Media Control Center"
"The Media Control Center" Overview

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