Ultra HD 4Kp60/59.94 Resolution

Equipped with advanced image processing solution and cutting-edge video camera algorithms, a Sony 1/2.8 inch sensor and high-quality lens, to output crystal clear image, max up to 4Kp60/59.94 ultra-high definition resolution.

Built-in auto-tracking function

With built-in auto-tracking function, you don’t need any third-party software or device, just turn it on with one click on the WebUI, matching remote control, or Telycam’s control keyboard, and you can track the target accurately and smoothly without any outside interference. You can also switch the target talent, set the target area, or change the target size.

12x/30x optical zoom

It shoots with a 4K 12x optical zoom lens with an 80.5 degree FOV/ or 4K 30x optical zoom lens with a 60 degree FOV, and a proprietary focusing algorithm enables fast and precise focus performance when zooming or moving, to capture every detail of the scene.

Revolutionizing VR/AR: FreeD Protocol

The Vision+ 4KN is a game-changer in the ProAV industry, thanks to its cutting-edge FreeD protocol. This protocol enables precise PTZF data, empowering systems like Unreal Engine, Brainstorm, and Vizrt’s Viz Virtual Studio to accurately replicate the camera’s movements. Notably, Telycam Vision+ 4KN PTZ camera is already compatible with Brainstorm’s 3D software, offering a glimpse into the impressive capabilities it brings to the forefront of the industry.

Full video output interface

Experience seamless versatility with NDI®|HX and HDMI 2.0 outputs, achieving an impressive 4Kp60/59.94 resolution simultaneously. Also, the 3G-SDI (both level A and level B) output reaches up to 1080p60, while the USB output takes it a step further, supporting a remarkable max resolution of up to 4K30.

Embed the Latest NDI ® SDK

Newtek’s NDI® creates a plug-and-play environment for various products and platforms in live streaming, making it possible to produce abundant and diverse live content.