Modern Loudspeaker Drive Units
The newly designed drive units fitted in the Bella 4 were originally manufactured as full range drive units in flat screen televisions. They have ultra modern Neodymium magnets with reasonably low tesla magnetic induction properties.

Class D Amplifiers
Each loudspeaker is driven from a new design of Class D amplifier. These amplifiers provide low distortion & low noise outputs. Four watts RMS is provided into each loudspeaker and the peak output is electronically limited to 5 watts.

Inbuilt Loudspeaker Protection
A compressor limiter circuit is provided to prevent overload and damage to the loudspeaker drivers by exceptionally high audio levels. One compressor/ limiter is provided for each loudspeaker and they have been carefully designed not to taint the audio during normal operating levels.

Dante®/ AES67 Compliant Audio Inputs
4* network audio inputs can be routed from your Dante®/ AES67 AoIP network to the Bella 4. The Bella 4 uses the Ultimo chipset from Audinate and can accept 4 audio inputs at 48k sampling or 2 at 96k sampling, all with up to 24 bit resolution.

Channel Mute Switch
Each channel has its own illuminated mute switch. This allows a quick and easy way for an operator to turn the audio off from one (or more ) loudspeakers.

Presence & Peak LEDs
Presence LEDs are provided for each loudspeaker input. These LEDs illuminate when incoming audio is detected and this provides a helpful aid to an operator to know which audio circuit is currently active. Peak LEDs are also provided and these illuminate when the input level reaches a high level.

Headphone Output
A front panel 6.35mm TRS headphone jack is provided. If headphones are plugged in then the audio to the loudspeakers is automatically cut. The headphone output is stereo and it wired such that inputs 1 and 3 feed its left output and 2 and 4 feed the right output channel.

Mains Power Supply
An internal switch mode mains power supply is fitted that is suitable for use Worldwide. The power input is via an industry standard filtered IEC plug.

High Acoustical Output
The modern loudspeaker drive units are capable of providing a high output SPL of 88dB from 1 loudspeaker (at 0.6 metres) or 98dB if all loudspeakers are driven coherently.

Best in Class Frequency Response
Our design provides what we believe is the best in class frequency response from a 4 way 1RU loudspeaker rack. Our acoustical output is within +/-9dB from 22kHz down to 120Hz. The flat midrange and extended LF provide a noticeable improvement in audio clarity and we’d welcome any listening test comparison you wish to try.