High-Performance Sensor and Image Processor

The Explore SE boasts a Sony 1/1.8-inch 9MP CMOS sensor and a state-of-the-art image processor, to deliver stunning ultra-high-definition images that capture realistic colors and maintain rapid focus. This feature ensures that your audience experiences content with the highest level of realism.

Genlock Functionality

The Explore SE features Genlock, a valuable synchronization feature, which makes it to function as a primary camera, ensuring precise video synchronization with other sub-cameras in complex broadcast video production and live streaming setups.

FreeD Technology Integration

The Explore SE seamlessly integrates FreeD technology, empowering users to explore dynamic shooting angles and perspectives, making it ideal for versatile real-world and virtual-world applications.

Native AI-Based Auto-Tracking

The Explore SE incorporates native AI-based auto-tracking technology, this intelligent feature automatically follows subjects, enhancing ease of use and ensuring that important moments are captured flawlessly.

Versatile Output Options

This Explore SE offers diverse output options, including 4K60p resolution through NDI|HX, 12G-SDI, HDMI, and SFP+ connections. Users can choose the output method that best suits their production needs, ensuring flexibility and compatibility.

Robust Audio Capabilities

The Explore SE features with a 3.5mm line-in input and a Mini XLR audio input. Moreover, the XLR input supports phantom power, providing compatibility with a wide range of microphones and audio equipment.

MicroSD Card Slots for Video Recording

MicroSD card slots—one dedicated to firmware upgrades and the other for local recording. With the MicroSD Card Slots, easily record directly onto the camera for instant backup during network issues or for quick access. Retrieving footage from a MicroSD card is faster and more convenient than remote server access, ideal for prompt event review. Plus, MicroSD cards are cost-effective and simple, perfect for smaller setups.