SFP Port blocker Key (Red)

Part # : WST-SSF001

  • Easy to use; no need for additional software installation.
  • Prevents unauthorized personnel from stealing data or power though SFP ports.
  • Keys are only compatible with blockers of the same color.
  • Patented product.

Wavesplitter RJ-45 port blockers enhance system security by preventing unauthorized personnel from inserting cables into RJ-45 ports. It also works as a port saver or as a mark showing inactive ports. It is simple to use, easily plug the blocker into the RJ-45 female port. When removing the blocker, insert the key with the corresponding color of the blocker. The design of the key makes it easy to pull out. Wavesplitter RJ-45 port blocker is a small product but plays an important role especially with information security receiving more and more attention.

Package Contents
  1. Key (Red)
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