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ProTek offers customers support over 4 tiers;
BasicStandardHigh and Ultra.
Choose a tier that provides the right support for you, at the right time. Each tier covers elements of Warranty, Support, Software Maintenance and Extended Services.

As a basic ProTek subscriber, you receive product expertise by experienced staff with an in-depth understanding of your NewTek installation. In addition to resolving operational issues, our Basic ProTek tier provides:


  • 1-Year Warranty on all physical products
  • Scheduled software upgrades and bug fixes and patches
  • Around-the-clock access to ProTek Global Support through email.
  • Open access to a troubleshooting Knowledge Base

As a standard ProTek subscriber, you will benefit from extended access to several key support features in addition to those offered in the Basic tier:


  • Bug fixes, patches and software updates including maintenance fixes, security updates, patches and documentation
  • Remote Hardware diagnosis
  • Receive 25% off all NewTek University online classes
  • Access to ProTek Global Support through chat or email with expedited response times

As a high tier subscriber, you can rely on significantly shorter timelines when it comes to Global 24×7 support and parts and spares shipping. Features available in High that are not available in lower tiers include:


  • Extended hardware warranty with priority parts replacement
  • Prioritized responses with published SLAs
  • Product enhancement input
  • Receive 50% off all NewTek University online classes
  • 24×7 Emergency technical call-in support
  • 24×7 12-hour target response time for critical issues 24×7

ProTek Ultra tier subscribers receive the most comprehensive and responsive benefits of the entire program. Not only do subscribers receive the full complement of ProTek benefits afforded to other tiers, but there is also unparalleled service offered as part this highest support level including:


  • Extended hardware warranty with advance parts replacement
  • Dedicated technical issue assistance
  • Receive 75% off all NewTek University online classes
  • Parts and Spares guaranteed availability – Advance shipping + trade in program available
  • Ultra-level prioritized support case handling
  • Written status report / root cause analysis

Which ProTek is Right for You?

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