The “CORE” stands for:

Control, Organize, Route and Everything

Control: NDI CORE allows you to approach, route, produce, construct and deliver any NDI signals to your chosen destinations with no hinder, it’s all in your hand.

Organize: Organize all your NDI sources switching from various signals are just as smooth as sliding on the ice. Producing, recording, decoding, monitoring and much more… you’ve got it all.

Route:Limitless Input to limitless Output, riding on the highway with nothing to stop you, enjoy your live production with unlimited satisfaction.

Everything:Everything you need is an NDI CORE. It’s the KEY to simplify your video infrastructure. Starting at just $599, you’ll have everything you can imagine.

One for all, Let's make it easy...

NDI CORE provides the way of “points-to-points” streaming. It comes with UNLIMITED ingests, UNLIMITED outputs and any processing in between: Monitoring via KILOVIEW® Multiview; Driving streams to KILOVIEW® NDI decoders to preferred protocols; KILOVIEW® Intercom System supported; Loop playing several streams; Routing; Producing with 3rd party tools.


Note: NDI Core sets no limitations on the numbers of NDI signal input and output and the NDI signal processing capability is mainly related to the performance of your hardware server.


Two types of panels. Seamless experience is a click away.

Seamless switching experience, auto detects any new NDI sources once they connected, a real beauty in your premium video. Flawless screen time experience, say bye to lagging, blurry or black screen

UNLIMITED in & out, kick your troubles away.

No time for extra calculation. KILOVIEW® NDI CORE Pro & Max provide you with infinite possibilities of ingesting and outgesting any NDI sources at hand.

Full NDI or NDI|HX, UHD or HD; horizontal or Vertical? Don’t matter, we’ve got your back.

Unlimited NDI Inputs

Any NDI Versions

Diverse Resolutions

NDI Core Basic


Other NDI inputs: 16

Maximum outputs: 16 NDI signals
NDI outgesting destinations: UNLIMITED
KILOVIEW service: Via email / message only.

(15 Days Trial)

NDI Core Pro

UNLIMITED NDI inputs from any NDI sources.

UNLIMITED NDI outputs to UNLIMITED destinations.

Loop Playlist: Supported
Two types of switch panels of your choice.
KILOVIEW service: Remote online guidance.

(15 Days Trial)

NDI Core Max ( Hardware, a turnkey solution)

An all-in-one TURNKEY solution.

Stable, Secure, Structured.

Every benefits from NDI CORE Pro.

Redundant batteries supply.

Water-cooled radiator & 4*cooling fans.

VIP Services.

Main Parameters

TypesBasicProCustomized version
Free Trail15-day free trial for limited 4 inputs and 4 outputs15-day free trial for limited 4 inputs and 4 outputsNo
Max NDI InputKiloview/NewTekUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Max NDI Output16UnlimitedUnlimited
NDI Output ConnectionsUnlimited (Depends on bandwidth)Unlimited (Depends on bandwidth)Unlimited (Depends on bandwidth)
Number of Control PanelUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Max Input resolution4K P604K P604K P60
Max Output resolution4K P604K P604K P60
Output NDI VersionSame as inputSame as inputSame as input
Switch PanelCrosspointIO panel and CrosspointIO panel and Crosspoint
NDI Bridge SupportNoNoNo
RTMP/RTSP/SRT Input/OutputNoNoNo
Managed by Kiloview MultiviewNoNoNo
Voice IntercomNoNoNo
Server Redundant BackupNoNoNo
NDI Discovery Server SupportYesYesYes
NDI DecodingYesYesYes
Auto Switching by Poll listNoYesYes
NDI RelayYesYesYes
Seamless SwitchYesYesYes
Switching Delay1 Frame1 Frame1 Frame
Role ManagementNoYesYes
Log ManagementYesYesYes
Server RequirementOSLinux
(supported by windows, but not recommended)
(supported by windows, but not recommended)
(supported by windows, but not recommended)
Deployment environmentDockerDockerDocker
CPUX86 / x86-64, not less than 4 cores, and the dominant frequency is not less than 1.5GHzX86 / x86-64, not less than 4 cores, and the dominant frequency is not less than 1.5GHzIntel i7-11700K, 8-core 16-thread, 3.6G dominant frequency
RAMNot less than 8GBNot less than 16GB32G dual channel DDR4 3200MHz
NetworkAt least Gigabit Ethernet; The rate of single network card shall not be lower than
4gbps or the total rate of multiple network cards shall not be lower than 4gbps
At least Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE recommended); The rate of single network card shall not be lower than
10Gbps or the total rate of multiple network cards shall not be lower than 10Gbps
Intel 82599 chip PCI-E 10 Gigabit SFP+ x2 Gigabit adaptive electrical port x1
ServiceResponse on questions via email/messageRemote online guidanceRemote online guidance
Support DownloadDocs & Firmware
Note: Basic and Pro are software version NDI CORE while the customized hardware version NDI CORE is a turnkey solution and it can free users from docker deployment,software and hardware compatibility test, battery compatibility test, and offers users a longer quality warranties and VIP after-sales service.

Datasheet Download

Quick Comparison of our NDI Products

Product TypeProduct No.NDI Codec CapabilityVideo I/O ConnectivityResolutionNotes
N6NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HXHDMI1080P60 
N5NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HX3G-SDI1080P60 
N50NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HX12G-SDI4KP60 
N60NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HXHDMI4KP60 
N3NDI High Bandwidth3G-SDI1080P60 
N30NDI High Bandwidth12G-SDI4KP60 
N40NDI High BandwidthHDMI4KP60 
NDI Wireless EncoderN1NDI|HXSDI1080P60WiFi supported, Battery Builld-in
N2NDI|HXHDMI1080P60WiFi supported, Battery Builld-in
NDI EncoderE3NDI|HXSDI+HDMI4KP30 in HDMI, 1080P60 in SDI 
U40NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HXHDMI4KP60 
NDI DecoderD350NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HXSDI+HDMI4KP60