AV Over IP Technology Exchange with Incepttech (Thailand)

Overall Setup


Towards the end of March 2023, Macking Domain invited Incepptech(Thailand) to have an exchange meeting in Macking Domain office in Petaling Jaya. The exchange meeting is showcase and exchange technology of both companies and share ideas to improve AV Over IP production using the latest equipment available on the market.

AV Over IP production need few elements to run, basically the video (camera), live streaming device (TriCaster), network switch (connection) and also audio ( audio input device.)

Equipment List


The camera brand we use for this exchange meeting is Telycam, because both Macking Domain and Incepttech are distributor of Telycam and very familiar with the usage and functionality of Telycam cameras.


For a better experience of AV Over IP productions, Netgear AV Line Switches are used for more stability video and audio transmission during productions.

  • Netgear AV Line Switches
  • Netgear Pro WiFi Access Point
NETGEAR AV Line Switch
NETGEAR AV Line Network Switch

Live Streaming Device (TriCaster)

Vizrt TriCaster is the best device for AV Over IP productions. Key of AV Over IP is NDI which TriCaster are equipped with, allowing you to send high-quality video and audio data over common Ethernet networks. NDI is a network protocol for video production. This implies that integrating TriCaster with other NDI-capable hardware and software is simple. Also with it’s flexible network connectivity, TriCaster gives you access to a number of network connectivity choices, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks, making it simple to connect to a variety of devices and networks. TriCaster makes it possible for you to keep track of and preview your works in real-time.

Dante Audio ( Glensound)

Audio is a very important element when it comes to AV Over IP production. With the advancement of network, AV Over IP can now uses #Dante to transmit and control the audio that are going to the production. With the Dante audio devices from Glensound, audio is clean and crystal sound without static sound during production output.

Hands On Beatrice B4
Hands On Glensound Beatrice D4
Hands On Glensound GTM
Audio Quality Test
Audio Quality Test
Audio Adjustment on Glensound Beatrice D4
XLR Ports on Glensound AoIP 2M


The overall exchange meeting is a success and Macking Domain and Incepptech build a strong relationship not only on business but also friendship with sharing ideas and technical skills to improve experience and to serve our customer better in the AV Over IP industry.